LB’s Leader Program
Our new way of going on an outing. Our Leaders went on a 3 Days Trip to Ravindra hotel at Pattaya. We combine self-development sessions with fun and relaxing activities. What’s better than having fun and partying on the beach?
SS Team Meeting on Tour
The past year we had a change in our sales culture. We want to integrate this new culture while giving our sales team a great time to remember, so we took out sales team to Pattaya!! The activities were fun, positive and culture changing. At night, we took our team on tour the pattaya streets and held karaoke and dancing events for our staff to show off their special skills.
The Quarterly Meeting which gives our leaders a platform to show their team’s past achievement and future plans. Their plans will be positively commented by our executive panel and then finalized to have the most efficient path to success.
SS Annual Meeting
This activity is all about giving back to our staff. We held sales review for the past year and reward teams for their success and effort. Furthermore, this platform enables our staff to have direct access to all our branches’ strategies and plans.
Thai & Social School
Art School
Music School
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