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Founded in 2006, WisdomWide’s mission is to innovate learning platforms by leveraging technology to provide quality education. Our mobile application named ECHO English intends to help Thai people learn and practice English. ECHO ENGLISH is a mobile application created by the best minds in the education industry for Thai people of all ages. The app will erase your fear of foreigners and help boost your English with currently over 500,000 downloads. The app consists of over 200 lessons covering all aspects of English. Learners can be someone new to English with no basic to someone who is studying medicine to become a doctor. ECHO English enable users to study from reliable contents with a highly advanced feedback system to increase the users speaking fluency.

Learn more about ECHO English : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd5LmU0Ve38https://youtu.be/foERZ7AGwB8

Download ECHO English on iOS or Android : http://apple.co/2bFUZIF, http://bit.ly/2bOT1rt

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